What is Formula 1

Find out all the information you need to place bets on Formula 1 with Parimatch successfully. Read our betting tips and win!

The formula consists of a series of races that take place every year around the world. Participating vehicles are four-wheeled, open-cabin and single-seater, meaning they can only accommodate one person. But these are not the only characteristics that a car must have to participate in Formula 1!

The word “formula” comes from a set of rules that manufacturers, mechanics and pilots must strictly follow. The regulation defines limits on size and capacity, for example, to balance competition. At the same time, to win the title, the teams need to look for the most competent riders and invest heavily in design efficiency. Every year new car models are released, each time better and more competitive.

Upcoming events and dates 

To plan your betting experience, you need to know about the upcoming important competition dates

To plan your betting experience, you need to know about the upcoming important competition dates. Without this information, you will not be able to fully enjoy the gameplay, so save or remember!

120th Mar.Bahrain Grand PrixBahrainBahrain International CircuitCharles Leclerc
227th Mar.Saudi Arabian Grand PrixSaudi ArabiaJeddahMax Verstappen
310th Apr.Australian Grand PrixAustraliaAlbert Park, MelbourneCharles Leclerc
424th Apr.Emilia Romagna Grand PrixItalyAutodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari, ImolaMax Verstappen
58th MayMiami Grand PrixUSAMiami International AutodromeMax Verstappen
622nd MaySpanish Grand PrixSpainCircuit de Catalunya, BarcelonaMax Verstappen
729th MayMonaco Grand PrixMonacoMonacoSergio Perez
812th Jun.Azerbaijan Grand PrixAzerbaijanBaku City CircuitMax Verstappen
919th Jun.Canadian Grand PrixCanadaCircuit Gilles VilleneuveMax Verstappen
103rd Jul.British Grand PrixUKSilverstoneCarlos Sainz
1110th Jul.Austrian Grand PrixAustriaRed Bull Ring, SpielbergCharles Leclerc
1224th Jul.French Grand PrixFranceCircuit Paul Ricard, Le CastelletMax Verstappen
1331st Jul.Hungarian Grand PrixHungaryHungaroring, BudapestMax Verstappen
1428th Aug.Belgian Grand PrixBelgiumSpa-Francorchamps 
154th Sep.Dutch Grand PrixNetherlandsZandvoort 
1611th Sep.Italian Grand PrixItalyMonza 
17CANCELLEDRussian Grand PrixRussiaSochi Autodrom 
182nd Oct.Singapore Grand PrixSingaporeMarina Bay Street Circuit 
199th Oct.Japanese Grand PrixJapanSuzuka International Circuit 
2023rd Oct.US Grand PrixUSACircuit of the Americas, Austin 
2130th Oct.Mexican Grand PrixMexicoAutódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City 
2213th Nov.Brazilian Grand PrixBrazilInterlagos 
2320th Nov.Abu Dhabi Grand PrixUAEYas Marina Circuit 

How to bet on Formula 1

A detailed algorithm for betting on sports on the Parimatch platform

When it’s time to place a bet, the algorithm is quite simple. If you are not the first time betting, then it will not be a problem for you to figure it out.

Betting instruction

And for those who for the first time here will explain.


Go to the official website and go to the sports section.


Among the entire selection of sports, select Formula 1.


Click on the desired odds and enter the bet amount.


Complete the coupon.

Types of bets on Formula 1 events

All available Formula 1 betting types for Parimatch users

The best sites often offer a similar set of Formula 1 betting markets. This is the case for Parimatch. All of them open long-term betting markets at the start of the season (for riders and constructors) and then race-specific markets.

F1 has fewer betting markets than other sports such as football. This is due to the reduction in the number of events (23 races per season) and other factors such as no breaks in racing.

However, in Formula 1 you can find interesting bets, such as

  • Champion Team: Which team will take the Constructors of the Season title
  • Pilot vs. Pilot: Which of the team’s pilots will finish the best of the season?
  • Fastest Lap: Which driver will complete the fastest lap in a particular race.
  • Short-term bets (for example, on a specific race) can also be placed in real time, giving interesting guessing odds.

Betting on Formula 1 goes far beyond betting on the winner of a race. See below for more information on the most popular markets:

Championship Winner

The simplest bet you can make is to choose the driver or team (constructor) that will win the World Championship. The more likely the driver or construction company is to win the race, the lower their chances will be (refund offered by Parimatch). You can place this bet well before the end of the championship or closer to the last GP.

We always suggest betting on the winner of the championship in the final stages, so it will be easier to predict the winners. At this stage, the odds will be more realistic and match the score of each team and rider. Get a better understanding of the F1 scoring system to increase your chances of getting the right guesses.

Winning driver or car in each race

In addition to the final winner, it is possible to bet on who will win races throughout the entire championship, whether in the qualifying round or in the official races of each Grand Prix. Place bets on the winning driver or winning team in a specific race. Here you have to ask yourself the question: which team or rider performs better and has a better chance of getting on the podium at this stage?


Pedestal betting is one of the markets available at the best bookmakers. In each race you can choose who will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Podium betting is a great option as your chance of hitting increases as you bet on more riders.

Pole position

Pole position means the first starting position in a race. Pole position is usually won by the driver with the fastest lap in qualifying for the main race. To find this option, look for the “Rating” tab of each GP on betting sites. Please note that betting on pole position is different from betting on the fastest lap or fastest driver in the main race.

Pilot Combinations

In this type of bet, you have to determine the position (higher or lower) of one driver in relation to another in the race. For example: let’s say you bet that Lewis Hamilton will be ahead (above) Mick Schumacher (below). As a result, Hamilton finished third, and Mick Schumacher – 10th. You have won the bet!

This is a good bet when you don’t want to risk too much and bet on the ultimate winner. But remember that just because one driver is considered the favorite, as in the case of Lewis Hamilton or Leclerc, other lesser-known drivers can still finish the race in a better position.

Safety cars

Safety cars are cars used in the event of an accident or when the track poses a risk to the safety of drivers, such as oil on the track, broken tires, sand or heavy rain. Betting on the number of safety cars deployed during a race is one way to diversify your bets. If one of the stages takes place on a day with a lot of rain, betting on safety cars may be a good option.

Remember that safety cars are activated not only in serious accidents, but also in the presence of small hazards on the track. On most sites, you can bet whether the safety car will go off or not (yes, no). Some sites also allow you to bet on the number of safety cars that will go off during a race, as shown in the image above from Betano Sportsbook.


It is possible to place a bet and win something with the abandonment of the race. Many pilots start, but not all finish. You can express your guess, for example, about the 1st rider or the 1st team who abandoned the race.

Formula 1 rated teams in 2022

Table with Formula 1 team rankings for a better betting experience on Parimatch

If you are not yet familiar with the players and teams, then the table below will help you. This information will also help you better analyze the data for a successful bet.

1Max VerstappenRed Bull258
2Charles LeclercFerrari178
3Sergio PérezRed Bull173
4George RussellMercedes-AMG158
5Carlos SainzFerrari156
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes-AMG146
7Lando NorrisMcLaren76
8Esteban OconAlpine58
9Valtteri BottasAlfa Romeo46
10Fernando AlonsoAlpine41
11Kevin MagnussenHaas22
12Daniel RicciardoMcLaren19
13Pierre GaslyAlphaTauri16
14Sebastian VettelAston Martin16
15Mick SchumacherHaas12
16Yuki TsunodaAlphaTauri11
17Zhou GuanyuAlfa Romeo5
18Lance StrollAston Martin4
19Alexander AlbonWilliams3
20Nico HulkenbergAston Martin0
21Nicholas LatifiWilliams0

Odds of winning Formula 1 teams 2022 

Table with odds for winning Formula 1 teams for more successful betting

When collecting and analyzing information about players and teams, it is necessary to pay attention to the key moment – coefficients. As you know, the lower the odds, the more likely the bet will win. This is justified by the fact that Lewis Hamilton is one of the best F1 players who have low odds to bet on.

Lewis Hamilton8.50
Max Verstappen3.00
Charles Leclerc1.65
Daniel Riccardo250.00
Fernando Alonso250.00
Sebastian Vettel2000.00
Carlos Sainz25.00
George Russell35.00
Sergio Perez35.00
Construction companyOdds
Red Bull Racing2.85
Alfa Romeo500.00
Haas F1500.00
Alpha Tauri1000.00
Aston Martin2000.00

Formula 1 2022 betting tips 

Useful F1 betting tips for Parimatch users

To be a good Formula 1 player, you need to study and analyze a lot! Regardless of the various factors that go into the final outcome of a race, you can make a profit and succeed in your betting if you pay attention to the main points.

1) Consider weather forecast and weather

Each stage of the World Tour takes place in different countries with different climates. The decisive factors will be the weather and conditions on race day. Before placing bets, pay attention to the weather forecast, especially if you decide to bet in real time.

2) Team performance analysis

Formula 1 is a combination of driver performance and teamwork, all must be in sync to win a stage. Therefore, it is important to analyze not only the work of the rider but also the work of the team as a whole.

If you are going to bet live, pay attention to the conversations of the drivers with the engineering team or the movements of the pit stops to extract information that will affect the final result. If you decide to bet on futures, study all the builders and teams. How have they performed over the years? How do they deal with adversity?

3) Learn the history of circuits and drivers

Each rider has his own preferences on the track. A driver can be very good on the Monaco circuit, but not so good on the Saudi Arabia circuit. Also, each track has different characteristics, such as the number of laps (laps) and places for overtaking. Studying formations is a way to be more assertive in your bets.

4) Bet on multiple riders in the same race

Don’t trust your chances of winning to just one rider. An F1 race is very fast-paced and if you bet on multiple drivers in the same race you have a better chance of getting the correct final result.

Predictions for the 2022 World Cup

Based on previous games, reliable predictions can be made to help you win

After the first GPs of 2022, we can already draw some conclusions about what awaits us this season. After years of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes reigning, times have changed. And this season we will see an intense (and new) rivalry.

Check out our predictions for this year’s title below, in addition to the Constructors’ World Cup predictions.

Drivers Championship Predictions 2022

This season promises to be the season for Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen. Or at least one of them. The Ferrari driver from Monaco and his Dutch rival for Red Bull started by a wide margin in the first races of the year. Charles Leclerc, for example, took the top two positions in all four first races. He won the Australian Grand Prix and the Bahrain Grand Prix. And he finished second at both the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix. Verstappen, on the other hand, took the victory in Emilia-Romagna, but he also got good positions in other Grands Prix.

And, most likely, they will continue to fight for every pole until the end of the year. On social media, they are gaining a bigger crowd with every contested GP. And the trend is that this will continue until the last Grand Prix of the year in Abu Dhabi. But is there anyone else who might surprise you? At the moment, the drivers with the most attention, apart from the top two favorites and Hamilton, are Carlos Sainz Jr., George Russell and Sergio Pérez. And this is due not only to their talent but also to the cars they drive.

After all, Carlos Sainz Jr. works with Leclerc at Ferrari. George Russell does a British one-two with Hamilton in a Mercedes. And Perez is a teammate with Verstappen at Red Bull. George Russell has so far been the most consistent among them. Thus, this is the most reliable podium bet in the Grand Prix.

Predictions for the Constructors’ Championship 2022

But what about the teams? As we have seen, Ferrari and Red Bull are the main favorites for the Constructors’ Championship. Mercedes, which has won the last 8 seasons, is far behind in bettors’ guesses. Thus, teams such as Alfa Romeo and McLaren can be considered completely out of the race. There is no chance that this will change before the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix for one simple reason: Red Bull and Ferrari have the best engines this year. And the balance between these teams is huge. To the point where both had odds close to 2.00.

What are the Formula 1 predictions?

Formula 1 Predictions are betting predictions that can be made on a particular race or the final result of a season. Forecasts in Formula 1 are not just guesswork, because they involve deep analysis. It analyzes data from previous races and from each training session, weekly news and any other useful information for your guess about the favorites to win or prize.

Formula 1 betting bonuses from Parimatch

The sports betting bonus from Parimatch betting Brasil gives players a great opportunity to start betting profitably on Formula 1

The sports betting bonus from Parimatch betting Brasil gives players a great opportunity to start betting profitably on Formula 1. In fact, we are facing one of the highest values ​​currently available to players in the Brazilian sports betting market.

The Parimatch Formula 1 First Bet Bonus earns players 100% of the value of their first deposit as a bonus, bringing the maximum bonus amount up to BRL 1,000 on a player’s first deposit on the site.

To access this Parimatch bonus, all you have to do is register on the site, choose your favorite payment method and make your first deposit on the site. In addition, unlike many sites that require high minimum amounts to receive bonuses, at Parimatch the player will receive a bonus for any deposit starting from 1 BRL. This Parimatch bonus has high limits and can be used in the whole field of sports betting, so it can be considered a great bonus.

Bonus rules

The Parimatch bonus wagering rules are easy to understand and it is imperative that all registered players read these terms and conditions to avoid any claims in the future.

  • Parimatch betting bonus is available only for new customers of the site and only for the first deposit of the customer on the site. Another important point is that the site leaves only one bonus per person, per family, per address, per computer or IP.
  • If the company suspects any fraud, such as fake accounts or bet groups, it will automatically suspend the bonus and close the player’s account. This welcome bonus is only available for use in the sports betting area, e.g. bonus credit cannot be used for playing online casinos.
  • The biggest issue with the Parimatch sports betting bonus for some players will be mainly the rollover as the payout requirements are quite high and players will have quite a bit of time to complete this rollover.
  • Before requesting any type of withdrawal from Parimatch, the player will need to complete a 15x sports betting rollover with a minimum odds of 1.90.
  • The deadline to complete this transfer is only 7 days from the date of registration of the new account.

Parimatch Formula 1 betting app

How to download and install the Parimatch app for Formula 1 betting

Nowadays, offering a betting app is a must for every well-known bookmaker. Parimatch is not far behind in this regard and has a great app for Android and IOS for those who want to bet on Formula 1. All the services offered on the site can be found in the app, navigation is fast and the layout is really intuitive.

It is very convenient to have access to your account, place bets in real time and track results in the Parimatch app. We have done some tests and the app is really very good. Loading data and media is very fast, and the overall platform is simple yet responsive.

Why is the Parimatch app the best for Formula 1 betting?

Parimatch odds

Odds are one of the most important factors that determine the quality of a bookmaker because it is these odds that show how much your bet, your money, costs. Despite being a relatively new site in Brazil, Parimatch is quite strong at the moment, falling behind several competitors.

It is not easy for a new brand to compete with the giants in this field, but Parimatch has risen to the challenge and provided its users with a very interesting experience. With good odds, the site becomes attractive, as it allows the gambler to make good money on the exact guesses of the casino.

Zero commission – pay nothing to place bets

Parimatch does not charge commission for placing bets on the site. For example, if you bet 10 BRL on the market at odds of 2.00 and win, you will receive exactly 20 BRL into your account. All site profits are already included in the quote, so there is no fee even if you win.

Live broadcast

This latest feature is available to you right on your mobile if you have funds in your account. Have a good internet connection and enjoy.


Is it possible to make real-time Parimatch bets on F1?

Of course! You will need to make quick decisions based on real-time events. In Formula 1, every driver must make a pit stop to change tires. Pit stops are critical to determining the winner of a race and how you place your bets. The fact that riders have to take breaks during a race can completely change the final result. So follow the race, listen to the commentators, and analyze the actions of the riders and the performance of the teams. If you think a driver is stopping at the wrong time, or that the pit stop is taking too long, causing him to lose ground, reevaluate your bets. Perhaps now is the time to bet on the driver or the competing car.

Is it legal to bet on Parimatch?

Yes! Parimatch is a well-known international bookmaker that guarantees the safety of each client. He has a Curator’s license and local licenses in several other countries. PM also has a good reputation among online players. It is important to note that the ban on gambling and casinos in Brazil only applies to physical homes located within the country. Therefore, any activity related to sports betting via the Internet or online casinos is allowed for Brazilians. Parimatch has a regulated license for Curacao.

Why is Parimatch so popular in Brazil?

Although the bookmaker entered the local market a few years ago, it has attracted the attention of players with a wide selection of sports events, high sports odds and juicy bonuses. In addition, players receive a large game room and quality service. All these qualities combine into a good reputation and regular customers, the number of which is increasing every year. Also, the bookmaker has a lot of good reviews from players around the world, but the company does not hide the bad reviews. This all suggests that the platform is being actively developed and tested.

What is the minimum deposit in Parimatch?

The minimum deposit amount at Parimatch is 30 BRL. You can choose from several payment methods to make a deposit to your Parimatch gaming account: PIX, Boleto, Bank transfer or Pay4Fun and PicPay e-wallets. Deposit funds are usually instantly credited to the account so that you can immediately start playing. There is a great welcome bonus for those making their first deposit with the company. If you have any difficulties, please contact Parimatch support.

What are the best bonuses to bet on Formula 1?

A good F1 betting site usually offers bonuses and great promotions for users, whether they are new or already registered. So, before you create your account, go to the promotions page of the Parimatch platform and check out what it has to offer in this regard. The best deal in terms of credit usually comes in the form of a welcome deposit bonus. No deposit bonuses allow players to save more. Finally, free bets often have a closed value and are often specific to Formula One betting. Do not forget to carefully look at the conditions for wagering bonuses, as sometimes they are very tricky.