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What is football

All about football as a sport

During the game of football, two teams of eleven players each play against each other (ten field players and one goalkeeper). As long as a set of rules is followed, the object of the game is to kick the ball into the goal of the opposing team.

Players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands or arms, with the goalkeeper being the exception. He is responsible for ensuring that the ball does not enter his own goal to prevent a goal from being conceded.

A rectangular field covered with grass is used for football. Each side of the field has a goal opposite the other, and each team must defend its own goal and score on the other. A match is won by the team that scores the most goals. The result of 90-minute football matches may be a draw.

Upcoming events and dates

In order to place bets and plan a series of winnings, you need to know about all the football parimatch events that await fans in the near future

In order to place bets and plan a series of winnings, you need to know about all the football parimatch events that await fans in the near future. Free up time and bet on exciting world events with Parimatch!

Premier League 2022-2023 season

  • 6 August 2022: first round of league matches 
  • 12-13 November 2022: last matches before World Cup 
  • 26 December 2022: Premier League resumes after World Cup 
  • 28 May 2023: final round of league matches

EFL 2022-2023 season

  • Saturday 30 July 2022: first fixtures in EFL Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two 
  • Saturday 12 November 2022: Championship match round 16 then break for World Cup 10 December 2022: Championship fixtures resume
  • Saturday 6 May 2023: Championship, League One and League Two final day 

Sky Bet EFL Play-Off Finals

  • When: 27-29 May 2023
  • Where: Wembley Stadium, London

2023 Carabao Cup final

  • When: Sunday 26 February 2023
  • Where: Wembley Stadium, London

2023 Papa John’s Trophy final

  • When: Sunday 19 March 2023
  • Where: Wembley Stadium, London

2023 Uefa Europa League final 

  • When: 31 May 2023
  • Where: Puskás Aréna, Budapest, Hungary

2023 Uefa Europa Conference League final 

  • When: 7 June 2023
  • Where: Sinobo Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic

Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022

  • Group stage: 21 November to 2 December
  • Round of 16: 3-6 December
  • Quarter-finals: 9-10 December
  • Semi-finals: 13-14 December
  • Third-place play-off: 17 December
  • Final: 18 December

Group A fixtures (all times GMT)

Teams: Qatar (host nation), Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

Monday 21 November

  • Senegal vs. Netherlands (Al Thumama Stadium; 10am)
  • Qatar v Ecuador (Al Bayt Stadium; 4pm)

Friday 25 November

  • Qatar vs. Senegal (Al Thumama Stadium; 1pm)
  • Netherlands vs. Ecuador (Khalifa International Stadium; 4pm)

Tuesday 29 November

  • Group A: Netherlands vs. Qatar (Al Bayt Stadium; 3pm)
  • Group A: Ecuador vs. Senegal (Khalifa International Stadium; 3pm)

Group B fixtures 

Teams: England, Iran, USA, Wales

Monday 21 November

  • England vs. Iran (Khalifa International Stadium; 1pm)
  • USA vs. Wales (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 7pm)

Friday 25 November

  • Wales vs. Iran (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 10am)
  • England vs. USA (Al Bayt Stadium; 7pm)

Tuesday 29 November

  • Wales vs. England (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 7pm)
  • Iran vs. USA (Al Thumama Stadium; 7pm)

Group C fixtures 

Teams: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

Tuesday 22 November

  • Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia (Lusail Stadium; 10am)
  • Mexico vs. Poland (Stadium 974; 4pm)

Saturday 26 November

  • Poland vs. Saudi Arabia (Education City Stadium; 1pm)
  • Argentina vs. Mexico (Lusail Stadium; 7pm)

Wednesday 30 November

  • Poland vs. Argentina (Stadium 974; 7pm)
  • Saudi Arabia v Mexico (Lusail Stadium; 7pm)

Group D fixtures 

Teams: France, UAE/Australia/Peru, Denmark, Tunisia

Tuesday 22 November

  • Denmark vs. Tunisia (Education City Stadium; 1pm)
  • France vs. UAE/Australia/Peru (Al Janoub Stadium; 7pm)

Saturday 26 November

  • Tunisia vs. UAE/Australia/Peru (Al Janoub Stadium; 10am)
  • France vs. Denmark (Stadium 974; 4pm)

Wednesday 30 November

  • Tunisia vs. France (Education City Stadium; 3pm)
  • UAE/Australia/Peru vs. Denmark (Al Janoub Stadium; 3pm)

Group E fixtures 

  • Teams: Spain, Costa Rica/New Zealand, Germany, Japan

Wednesday 23 November

  • Germany vs. Japan (Khalifa International Stadium; 1pm)
  • Spain vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand (Al Thumama Stadium; 4pm)

Sunday 27 November

  • Japan vs. Costa Rica/New Zealand (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 10am)
  • Spain vs. Germany (Al Bayt Stadium; 7pm)

Thursday 1 December

  • Japan vs. Spain (Khalifa International Stadium; 7pm)
  • Costa Rica/New Zealand vs. Germany (Al Bayt Stadium; 7pm)

Group F fixtures 

  • Teams: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

Wednesday 23 November

  • Morocco vs. Croatia (Al Bayt Stadium; 10am)
  • Belgium vs. Canada (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 4pm)

Sunday 27 November

  • Belgium vs. Morocco (Al Thumama Stadium; 1pm)
  • Croatia vs. Canada (Khalifa International Stadium; 4pm)

Thursday 1 December

  • Croatia vs. Belgium (Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium; 3pm)
  • Canada vs. Morocco (Al Thumama Stadium; 3pm)

Group G fixtures 

Teams: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

Thursday 24 November

Switzerland vs. Cameroon (Al Janoub Stadium; 10am)

Brazil vs. Serbia (Lusail Stadium; 7pm)

Monday 28 November

Cameroon vs. Serbia (Al Janoub Stadium; 10am)

Brazil vs. Switzerland (Stadium 974; 4pm)

Friday 2 December

Cameroon vs. Brazil (Lusail Stadium; 7pm)

Serbia vs. Switzerland (Stadium 974; 7pm)

Group H fixtures 

Teams: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

Thursday 24 November

  • Uruguay vs. South Korea (Education City Stadium; 1pm)
  • Portugal vs. Ghana (Stadium 974; 4pm)

Monday 28 November

  • South Korea vs. Ghana (Education City Stadium; 1pm)
  • Portugal vs. Uruguay (Lusail Stadium; 7pm)

Friday 2 December

  • South Korea vs. Portugal (Education City Stadium; 3pm)
  • Ghana vs. Uruguay (Al Janoub Stadium; 3pm)

Round of 16

Saturday 3 December 

  • Match 49: Group A winners vs. Group B runners-up (Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan; 3pm)
  • Match 50: Group C winners vs. Group D runners-up (Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Al Rayyan; 7pm)

Sunday 4 December 

  • Match 51: Group D winners vs. Group C runners-up (Al Thumama Stadium, Doha; 3pm)
  • Match 52: Group B winners vs. Group A runners-up (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor; 7pm) 

Monday 5 December 

  • Match 53: Group E winners vs. Group F runners-up (Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah; 3pm)
  • Match 54: Group G winners vs. Group H runners-up (Stadium 974, Doha; 7pm) 

Tuesday 6 December 

  • Match 55: Group F winners vs. Group E runners-up (Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan; 3pm)
  • Match 56: Group H winners vs. Group G runners-up (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; 7pm) 


Friday 9 December 

  • Match 57: winners of match 53 vs. winners of match 54 (Education City Stadium, Al Rayyan; 3pm)
  • Match 58: winners of match 49 vs. winners of match 50 (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; 7pm) 

Saturday 10 December 

  • Match 59: winners of match 55 vs. winners of match 56 (Al Thumama Stadium, Doha; 3pm)
  • Match 60: winners of match 51 vs. winners of match 52 (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor; 7pm) 


Tuesday 13 December 

  • Match 61: winners of match 57 vs. winners of match 58 (Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail; 7pm) 

Wednesday 14 December 

  • Match 62: winners of match 59 vs. winners of match 60 (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor; 7pm)

Third-place play-off 

  • Match 63: losers of match 61 vs. losers of match 62
  • When: Saturday 17 December
  • Where: Khalifa International Stadium, Al Rayyan
  • UK kick-off time: 3 pm 

2022 Fifa World Cup final 

  • Match 64
  • When: Sunday 18 December
  • Where: Lusail Iconic Stadium
  • UK kick-off time: 3 pm

Uefa Women’s Euro 2022

  • Host nation: England 
  • Dates: 6-31 July 2022

Fifa World Cup 2022

  • Host nation: Qatar 
  • Dates: 21 November to 18 December 2022

Fifa Women’s World Cup 

  • Host nations: Australia and New Zealand 
  • Dates: July to August 2023

How to bet on football

Detailed instructions on how to bet on the Parimatch website

When it’s finally time to bet on sports, you need to learn how to do it. If you have already had the experience of betting at other bookmakers, then it will not be difficult for you to repeat this logical algorithm. And for those who are there for the first time, we have prepared instructions.

Betting instruction

And for those who are there for the first time, we have prepared instructions.


Once on the Parimatch website, go to the sports section.


Select the Football tab.


Decide which event you will bet on.


Choose odds and bet amount.


Issue a coupon.

Types of bets on football events

What types of betting are available on the Parimat website for football fans

The first step to betting on football is to register with the Parimatch bookmaker.

Step by step is very simple:


Go to the Parimatch website.


Enter your individual details.


Make the first deposit.


When registration is ready, you must select the markets you will bet on.

Since it is one of the most important sports, betting sites usually designate a large number of markets for football championship events.

Here are some examples of bets you can place:

  1. 1X2
  2. Handicap
  3. More/less
  4. Corners
  5. Double chance

Football rated teams in 2022 

Extensive table with team rankings in 2022

Continue to collect statistical data based on the materials of our article. The table below shows the success of teams in the global market.

RKTeamTotal PointsPrevious Points+/-
23IR Iran1558.641564.49-5.85
28Korea Republic1526.21519.546.66
32Czech Republic1502.91500.622.28
34Costa Rica1500.061503.09-3.03
47Republic of Ireland1442.481449.48-7.00

Odds of winning football teams 2022 

To make successful bets, you need to carefully monitor the statistics and be able to analyze them

To make successful bets, you need to carefully monitor the statistics and be able to analyze them. Most often, it is the knowledge that helps players to get big winnings.

Buffalo Bills+600
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+700
Kansas City Chiefs+1000
Green Bay Packers+1000
Los Angeles Rams+1200
Los Angeles Chargers+1400
San Francisco 49ers+1600
Denver Broncos+1600
Dallas Cowboys+2000
Baltimore Ravens+2000
Cincinnati Bengals+2200
Philadelphia Eagles+2200
Indianapolis Colts+2500
Cleveland Browns+3000
Minnesota Vikings+3500
Arizona Cardinals+4000
Tennessee Titans+4000
Miami Dolphins+4000
Las Vegas Raiders+4000
New Orleans Saints+4000
New England Patriots+5000
Washington Commanders+7000
Pittsburgh Steelers+9000
Carolina Panthers+13000
New York Jets+13000
New York Giants+13000
Jacksonville Jaguars+13000
Detroit Lions+15000
Seattle Seahawks+15000
Chicago Bears+15000
Atlanta Falcons+20000
Houston Texans+25000

Football 2022 betting tips 

Top bets for football fans to play successfully on Parimatch

To keep your Brazilian football bets consistent, we’ve highlighted 8 practical football betting predictions!

1) Learn the rules: knowledge never hurts!

To start playing, you need to understand how everything works. This means that you need to know a bit about online casinos, how bonuses work, and how to bet, among other basic information, besides, of course, understanding what sport you want to bet on. You should not lose during the time due to lack of preparation.

2) Have Emotional Control: It’s a Priority

If you have any experience with financial investments, you know how important emotional control is. In the case of bets, everything is different, since they are also associated with money. Managing your bankroll requires rationality in order to bet on good values, and these opportunities may even appear in a few days. You must be patient both in these cases and in situations where all is lost. Unfortunately, they can happen.

3) Watch as many games as possible: these will be the best activities!

You can’t bet without knowing the sport in question, right? Therefore, it is important that you are aware of what is happening on the field. Study, read, watch games and draw conclusions about sports. There is nothing better than seeing with your own eyes what is happening in real time, right?

4) Listen to professionals in this field: the voice of experience is important!

In addition to watching games, listen to what professional players have to say. Because they’ve been in the business longer, they have more technology and understand what works and what doesn’t in games. So pay attention to what they say and be more and more prepared and able to bet even more successfully!

5) Bet as much as you can afford: don’t overdo it!

Last but not least, never bet more than you can afford. This is because if your bet goes wrong, the money lost will not harm you, as this value was planned for this purpose. Never invest money to pay household bills and basic needs, for example, in your bets!

6) Analyze pre-Brazilian performance

The first 4 months of the year are very important for us to evaluate which teams will become stronger. And in terms of rates, knowing this is important. The first competition in the calendar is the State. Clubs can make one of two decisions here:

  • Play a good role in the state with reserve teams
  • Work at full strength for most of the competition

In any of the above situations, you have the opportunity to assess the composition of the team. You can already have an idea of ​​what kind of “jump” they can give before the end of the year.

7) Don’t get fooled by the early rounds

Just as there is a zebra, there is a Paraguayan horse. This is a team that can withstand heavy loads in the first 5 rounds but then does not withstand. Bahia was a zebra and a Paraguayan horse at the same time in 2019. She started well, but then she lost her performance. So be careful in the first rounds. Betting only when there is value is even more real in this spot. As mentioned above, teams often participate in several competitions at the same time. In this case, they can spare the players or skip this or that game. Decisions that may not affect you in the long run, but the specific game you are betting on.

8) Focus on three betting teams

Finally, all tips end with this. Even if you subscribe to gaming channels, it is difficult to keep track of all the events. So focus on three teams. Analyze the first 5 rounds and then determine the 3 clubs you will bet on during the event. This is important because that is how you define strategy. You already know what games to track, what stats to look for, and who to watch out for. This means that you will also follow the participation of these teams in other competitions. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot bet on an event that includes 2 teams that are out of your sight.

2022 Brazilian Championship Favorites

It is already possible to find out the main favorites for the title of champion of Brazil

In 2021, the Brazilian Championship was very brutal, but after 50 years, Atletico-MG won the cup two rounds early. Despite the fact that the competition will start in two months, it is already possible to find out the main favorites for the title of champion of Brazil.

  • Palmeiras
  • Flamengo
  • Atlético Mineiro

Let’s talk a little more about the performance of each of the teams.


The 2018 champion, Palmeiras is one of the teams that won the cup. The team led by Abel Ferreira is very close and finished 3rd in the 2021 competition. Verdao expects Deyverson, Dudu and Borja to play a strong team, perform well and compete for the title again. After losing the Club World Cup, Palmeiras took advantage of the Campeonato Paulista to get into the rhythm of the national competition.


Flamengo finished second in the competition in 2021 and aims to reclaim Brazil’s hegemony in 2022. With the departure of coach Renato Gaucho and the arrival of Paulo, Flamengo is keen to once again show consistency on the pitch. The red-blacks have big names in this league edition such as Arrascaeta, Everton Ribeiro and Gabigol.

Atlético Mineiro

The Minas Gerais team took home the cup in 2021 and emerged from 50-year starvation without winning a national competition. Rooster has always fought at the top of the table in recent years and we can’t expect anything else in 2022. After the departure of Kuki, the team was led by Antonio Mohamed, whose task is to maintain the same results as the team in 2022. The names that stood out and remain in Halo are striker Hulk and Argentine midfielder Nacho Fernandez.

These 3 teams deserve your attention when betting on Brazilian football. Not only for the Brazilian Championship but also for other tournaments.

Palmeiras, Flamengo and Atlético Mineiro also compete in the Libertadores and Copa Brazil this year. Also, pay attention to the names of clubs that may surprise you and are worth keeping an eye on

  • Fluminense
  • Corinthians
  • Athletico Paranaense
  • International
  • Santos
  • Sao Paulo

Football betting bonuses from Parimatch

Sports betting sites use welcome bonuses to attract new customers and Parimatch follows this formula

Sports betting sites use welcome bonuses to attract new customers and Parimatch follows this formula. In addition, the bookmaker has other good promotions not only to attract more users but also to retain those already registered.

Welcome Bonus – Earn up to 1000 BRL on your 1st deposit

Parimatch Brasil has one of the highest welcome bonus amounts at the moment. To encourage and help the better in his first steps on the site, the bookmaker gives a 100% bonus of up to 1000 BRL.

More experienced players know how bonuses work and sometimes prefer to go without them, but if you’re just starting out it might be a good way to make the wrong guess without losing.

How the Parimatch Bonus Works – Pay Attention to the Rules

Each site sets a number of conditions for receiving a welcome bonus, and Parimatch is no exception. It is important to pay attention to the timing, the minimum odds that count towards the bonus rollover, and a number of other rules. It’s important to read them all and see what the dynamics are so you don’t get a nasty surprise. It may seem complicated, but if you follow the rules literally, using bookmaker bonuses is not so difficult.

Parimatch football betting online app

The mobile experience at Parimatch Brasil is done in two ways: through the bookmaker's official Android app, or through the smartphone browser in general

The mobile experience at Parimatch Brasil is done in two ways: through the bookmaker’s official Android app, or through the smartphone browser in general. Whichever you choose, know that both are very good and will make it easy for you when you want to place a bet.

It’s good when there is a company’s own application. To download the App Parimatch apk, you need to access the page on the platform and follow the step-by-step instructions provided on the website. Once this is done, it will be possible to place bets through it. Enjoy the benefits of betting through the Parimatch app.

Convenient navigation

Do I need to use a smartphone browser to bet on Parimatch Brasil? The site is fully mobile-friendly and very responsive. All features are available and you can be sure not to miss a good guess while out and about.

Thrilling experience

Since the website and app is very responsive to what is happening, the betting becomes quite exciting. Everything is very intuitive and easy to do.

Live betting

There is nothing better than the ability to bet on live sports events. As we all know, any match can be unpredictable, and the main thing is to be prepared for it. By betting live, the player can guess by knowing how the event plays out, which in theory allows for more informed betting.


Cash Out is a feature introduced in Parimatch. In it, you can close the bet before it ends, receiving part of the expected profit or reducing possible losses.

Exclusive Markets

When an event starts, exclusive markets open up, increasing the variety of betting options. Some are short-term guesses, that is, you can win in a few minutes!

Live Stream

Want to watch the UEFA Champions League live while betting? Your place is at Parimatch Brasil, which offers the opportunity to watch matches on its platform.

And what’s even better. Just log in to your Parimatch Betting app account to watch matches live.


How is the Brazilian championship going?

The Brazilian Championship has a very simple format. 20 teams play 38 rounds. There are 10 matches in each round. Each club plays twice against the others on a floating points system. Scoring is done as follows: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. The one with the most points wins the contest! It is curious that sometimes there are clubs that manage to win ahead of time, that is, not finishing the competition due to their scoring system. The championship is important not only for its trophies and awards.

Are the odds on Parimatch good?

Yes, Parimatch Brasil odds are very good. The site is large and structured to offer very competitive football quotes compared to the rest of the market.

Football betting Brazil: is it worth it?

Betting on parimatch football just got easier. The main sports league in Brazil is full of emotions, dynamism and surprises. Therefore, it requires the study and analysis of bettors. With the tips we have given above, you can already put together a good initial plan for placing your bets. Please note that most Brazilian championships have multiple markets. Don’t limit yourself to just 1X2 or even guess who will be the champion. It is important that you look for value in your bets in order to minimize risks and maximize profits.

Is it legal to bet on Parimatch?

Yes, betting on Parimatch Brasil is 100% legal. The bookmaker is legal and certified by an organization in Curacao that is respected in the world of sports betting. The site also has a good security system to ensure that your data is protected!

Should I bet on football at Parimatch?

Working in the market for many years, Parimatch has learned how to work in the online sports betting market around the world. Unsurprisingly, it is a benchmark and is now taking its first big steps here with Parimatch Brasil. The website of the bookmaker is very beautiful and easy to navigate, and the football odds are of good quality, and the variety of markets in the world’s major events is good for competition. The Parimatch Betting app is another extremely positive thing worth trying.