What is Basketball

Find out all the information you need to place bets on basketball with Parimatch successfully. Read our NBA betting tips and win!

Basketball is a team sport played by two teams. It is played with a ball whose purpose is to insert it into a fixed basket placed at the end of the court. Basketball is currently one of the most popular Olympic games in the world. In schools, it is one of the most popular sports in physical education classes.

We have 2 teams in the confrontation, each of which consists of 5 starting players. The goal of each team is to score more points than the other at the end of the game. These points are earned through baskets. Each basket can be worth 1 to 3 points. Depends on where the ball is thrown! As a rule, each game lasts 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. In the NBA, each quarter or half is 12 minutes long.

Upcoming events and dates 

To plan bets on your favorite sport, you need to know about all the upcoming events

To plan bets on your favorite sport, you need to know about all the upcoming events. See the table below for an estimate of upcoming basketball game dates.

South American Women’s ChampionshipSan Luis (ARG)01. Aug 202206. Aug 2022
FIBA U18 Women’s European ChampionshipHeraklion (GRE)06. Aug 202214. Aug 2022
FIBA U16 European Championship Division BSofia (BUL)11. Aug 202220. Aug 2022
FIBA U16 European ChampionshipSkopje (MKD)12. Aug 202220. Aug 2022
FIBA U16 Women’s European Championship Division BPodgorica (MNE)18. Aug 202227. Aug 2022
FIBA U16 Women’s European ChampionshipMatosinhos (POR)19. Aug 202227. Aug 2022
FIBA U18 Asian Championship 2022Tehran (IRI)21. Aug 202228. Aug 2022
International Window for Men’s Basketball22. Aug 202230. Aug 2022
Centrobasket U17 2023 Qualifiers01. Sep 202201. Sep 2022
FIBA EuroBasketPrague (CZE), Tbilisi (GEO), Cologne (GER), Berlin (GER), Milan (ITA)01. Sep 202218. Sep 2022
FIBA AmeriCupRecife (BRA)02. Sep 202211. Sep 2022
FIBA U18 Women’s Asian Championship 2021 Division ABangalor (IND)05. Sep 202211. Sep 2022
FIBA U18 Women’s Asian Championship 2021 Division BBangalore (IND)05. Sep 202211. Sep 2022
FIBA Women’s Basketball World CupSydney (AUS)22. Sep 202201. Oct 2022
FIBA Europe Cup27. Sep 202226. Apr 2023
Liga Sudamericana de Basquetbol FIBA30. Sep 202204. Dec 2022
FIBA Polynesian Basketball CupApia (SAM)01. Oct 202201. Oct 2022
FIBA Women’s Polynesia Basketball CupApia (SAM)01. Oct 202201. Oct 2022
EuroCup Women05. Oct 202212. Apr 2023
ODESUR Games – FemeninoAsunción (PAR)05. Oct 202209. Oct 2022
EuroLeague Women11. Oct 202216. Apr 2023
ODESUR GamesAsuncion (PAR)11. Oct 202215. Oct 2022
South American U15 Championship24. Oct 202229. Oct 2022
FIBA Melanesian Basketball Cup25. Oct 202229. Oct 2022
FIBA Women’s Melanesian Basketball Cup25. Oct 202229. Oct 2022
XII Juegos Centroamericanos FemeninoGuatemala City (GUA)28. Oct 202201. Nov 2022
XII Juegos Centroamericanos MasculinoGuatemala City (GUA)28. Oct 202201. Nov 2022
International Window for Men’s Basketball07. Nov 202215. Nov 2022
South American U15 Women’s Championship07. Nov 202212. Nov 2022
International Window for Women’s Basketball20. Nov 202228. Nov 2022
FIBA U15 Oceania ChampionshipHagatna (GUM)21. Nov 202227. Nov 2022
FIBA U15 Women’s Oceania ChampionshipHagatna (GUM)21. Nov 202227. Nov 2022
Centrobasket Women’s ChampionshipChihuahua City (MEX)23. Nov 202227. Nov 2022

How to bet on Basketball

Detailed instructions on how to bet on basketball at Parimatch

To bet online on basketball with Parimatch, you need to follow a few steps.

Betting instruction

If you have already bet on sports, the algorithm will be similar.


On the Parimatch website, go to the sports section;


Among sports, select basketball;


Choose the event you want to bet on;


Decide on the odds and the amount of the bet;


Issue a coupon.

Types of bets on Basketball events

6 basketball markets with wide winning opportunities

The variety of markets available for basketball depends largely on the size of the league and the games. The most popular ones have more markets. On the other hand, those who are less pronounced tend to have few options, but this is a common practice for any modality. In the NBA, a classic can have more options than a “less” important game. Below you can see 6 markets with wide winning opportunities!

1. Money line

These are basically bets on who will win the match between two teams. In some cases, this may be called 1X2 or Win/Tie/Win. This is because not all matches tend to end in a draw. Of course, this fact can change the arrangement of the coefficients. Or, in some cases, the bookmaker adds a draw as a betting option, while in others it doesn’t.

2. Handicap

The handicap is considered one of the most popular markets in basketball. Maybe even more than in football. It is widely used because in several matches the difference in quality from one team to another is quite high. Using the Handicap in Basketball is a reasonable bet as it allows you to:

  • Increase in value;
  • Safe earnings.

3. Over/under

In over/under we are Parimatch basketball betting that the match will be over or under a certain score. Basketball games can be volatile, so it’s a tough market. Two very strong teams tend to score high. And the same thing can happen between a high-quality team and a less good one.

Unlike football, where over/under is +/- 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, or 5.5, basketball has a larger range.

4. Interval/Final result

A less used market, at least compared to the previous 3. But it is present in most bookmakers. In it, you can bet on the victory of one or another team during the break and at the end of the match. Or you can assume that Team B wins at halftime, but Team A wins in the end. There are usually many variations!

5. Margin of Victory

In this market, you must bet on the difference in points that a team will have against the other at the end of the match. As a general rule, the larger this margin, the higher the bet odds. Be aware of the type of match you will be basketball betting online on in this market, such as Classics. Classic matches tend to be highly competitive, meaning that Team A’s points lead over Team B can be small.

Basketball rated teams in 2022 

Tips on which teams to bet on for basketball fans on Parimatch

To make successful bets, you need to know about all the statistical nuances of the game. By acquiring knowledge and using your intuition, you can earn big winnings.

1Boston CelticsEA5131.6227.28115.37107.717.667.02115.05107.657.39
2Phoenix SunsWP6418.7807.50115.65108.177.486.94115.41108.506.91
3Utah JazzWNW4933.5986.04117.68111.526.165.67117.63111.845.79
4Golden State WarriorsWP5329.6465.54113.33107.685.655.52113.24107.625.62
5Memphis GrizzliesWSW5626.6835.68115.50109.945.565.37115.38110.145.24
6Miami HeatESE5329.6464.45114.83110.214.624.23114.61110.214.40
7Dallas MavericksWSW5230.6343.30113.82110.273.553.12113.76110.413.35
8Milwaukee BucksEC5131.6223.35115.86112.563.313.22115.86112.673.18
9Philadelphia 76ersEA5131.6222.61114.39111.802.592.57114.42111.862.56
10Toronto RaptorsEA4834.5852.29113.93111.552.382.37113.86111.402.46
11Minnesota TimberwolvesWNW4636.5612.63115.15112.602.542.53115.23112.792.44
12Denver NuggetsWNW4834.5852.30115.21112.882.332.16115.25113.082.17
13Cleveland CavaliersEC4438.5372.12112.92110.792.132.04112.66110.622.05
14Atlanta HawksESE4339.5241.56117.29115.711.581.55117.42115.841.58
15Brooklyn NetsEA4438.5370.78114.69113.930.760.82114.84114.030.81
16Charlotte HornetsESE4339.5240.44114.94114.440.500.53115.02114.420.60
17New York KnicksEA3745.451-0.12111.47111.55-0.08-0.01111.35111.310.04
18Los Angeles ClippersWP4240.5120.02110.86110.92-0.060.09110.85110.850.00
19San Antonio SpursWSW3448.4150.12113.04113.000.030.02113.09113.16-0.07
20Chicago BullsEC4636.561-0.39114.07114.55-0.48-0.37114.13114.58-0.45
21New Orleans PelicansWSW3646.439-0.99112.84113.82-0.98-0.84112.93113.77-0.84
22Los Angeles LakersWP3349.402-3.05111.15114.17-3.02-3.08111.22114.30-3.07
23Indiana PacersEC2557.305-3.48113.60117.11-3.51-3.26113.74117.03-3.28
24Washington WizardsESE3547.427-3.38111.72115.33-3.61-3.23111.79115.23-3.43
25Sacramento KingsWP3052.366-5.46110.69116.28-5.59-5.26110.92116.31-5.38
26Detroit PistonsEC2359.280-7.72106.96114.67-7.71-7.35107.02114.36-7.34
27Orlando MagicESE2260.268-8.00105.25113.25-8.00-7.67105.16112.82-7.66
28Oklahoma City ThunderWNW2458.293-8.10105.25113.42-8.18-7.90105.18113.16-7.98
29Houston RocketsWSW2062.244-8.48109.28117.77-8.49-8.26109.47117.75-8.28
30Portland Trail BlazersWNW2755.329-8.88108.80117.93-9.13-8.55109.03117.84-8.8

Odds of winning basketball teams 2022 

Using statistics, you can successfully develop in the basketball betting Brazil industry

Using statistics, you can successfully develop in the basketball betting Brazil industry. Carefully analyze the data to win a lot with Parimatch online.

TeamCurrent Odds
Boston Celtics+550
Golden State Warriors+600
Los Angeles Clippers+600
Phoenix Suns+650
Milwaukee Bucks+700
Los Angeles Lakers+1100
Miami Heat+1200
Philadelphia 76ers+1400
Dallas Mavericks+1800
Denver Nuggets+1800
Brooklyn Nets+2200
Memphis Grizzlies+2200
Toronto Raptors+2500
Minnesota Timberwolves+3500
Atlanta Hawks+4500
New Orleans Pelicans+4500
Chicago Bulls+5000
New York Knicks+7000
Cleveland Cavaliers+10000
Portland Trail Blazers+10000
Charlotte Hornets+12500
Utah Jazz+12500
Sacramento Kings+35000
Washington Wizards+35000
Indiana Pacers+50000
San Antonio Spurs+50000
Detroit Pistons+70000
Oklahoma City Thunder+100000
Houston Rockets+200000
Orlando Magic+200000

Basketball 2022 betting tips

Tips for all basketball fans on Parimatch

Applying knowledge of another sport to betting on basketball may not work. You should pay attention to the features of modality. We can help you find these specific points. And that’s exactly what our advice below is based on.

Focus only on the NBA

Stephen Curry has become one of the biggest names in the NBA.

The NBA is the largest basketball championship in the world. Focusing only on him can be a great solution! We’re talking about a contest that you can easily find information about. Armed with them, you better prepare your strategy. The NBA itself is great and can bring you good bets! The important thing is that you are not trying to follow 2 or 3 tournaments at the same time. There are many leagues in the world. Even within the same sport, each may have its own characteristics in terms of rules. Understand the benefits of betting on small championships!

See which state of the country the game will be in

If you decide to give your NBA predictions, pay attention to where the games will be played in the United States. In many cases, the team crosses the country for the match. Something that can be quite tedious and takes a toll on the team’s performance. Especially if we are in the playoffs of the competition. With that in mind, especially in the NBA, you can understand when a presumed favorite to win might be exhausted.

Watch playoff previews

Match preview is extremely important. Through him, we can have a more or less idea of ​​what to expect from the confrontation. This deserves even more attention in the playoffs, whether in the NBA or NBB.
Playoffs are the final stage of basketball tournaments. In the NBA, 16 teams classified by the results of the first stage compete for the title. The trend is that the strategy of the coach and the team changes from game to game because every game is a real decision. We must not forget that at this stage the wear and tear from trips to the games are greater. Which can reduce favoritism and balance the court. Just be careful: the match preview is an analysis of other people. You should have your own, depending only on your knowledge. Use your skills, for example, in real-time basketball NBA betting.

Pay attention to whether teams always try to score 3 points

Teams that try to focus more on scoring 3 points deserve to be distrusted by the bettor. Of course, hitting a series of 5 three-pointers gives the team a big advantage. But we know that this rarely happens. The problem is that every mistake gives the other team a chance to score. Losing rebound points in a row can undermine a team’s credibility. Thus, this type of behavior can do more harm than good to the player. Try not to support such commands.

Live bets

Live betting has become one of the most popular forms of betting as it allows sports fans to bet after the game has already started. Because the in-game odds often change depending on what’s going on, players can use the ever-changing odds to their advantage, capitalize on game volatility, create arbitrage or brokering opportunities, and even hedge past bets to make a profit. The models and algorithms used by sports betting to create straight lines are only as good as the information put into them, and once the game starts there is a ton of new information coming in that we didn’t have before.

Investigate and Respond to Injury Reports

The impact of injuries cannot be underestimated when it comes to NBA betting. Unlike football, which has 11 players on each side of the ball, or baseball, which has nine players, a basketball team only has five players at a time, meaning that one player can have more of an impact on a game than any other player yet. one team sport. While you can get an edge by betting early, sometimes you can be left in the dark when injury news comes out during the day. Bet early in the morning but make sure you are available in the afternoon to follow injury news and try to bet on games where an injury could have a significant impact on the game.

Basketball betting bonuses from Parimatch

Parimatch do not have a separate bonus for basketball fans, but you can start your journey on this platform using the Parimatch welcome bonus

Parimatch do not have a separate bonus for basketball fans, but you can start your journey on this platform using the Parimatch welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus

To take advantage of the famous welcome bonus, the user must register on the Parimatch official website and claim the bonus. Once this is done, the bonus will be activated after the first deposit made by the client.

Thus, on this first deposit, the user will receive a 100% bonus on top of this deposited amount. That is, if a player deposits 200 BRL, he will receive another 200 BRL in the form of a bonus, therefore, he will double.

The upside of Parimatch’s welcome bonus is its generous first deposit cap to qualify for the promotion. The client can deposit up to 1000 BRL on their first bet, which will be able to receive the entry bonus offered by the house. Hardly other houses offer such a high value.

However, the downside of the Parimatch welcome bonus is that it is only valid for 7 days. That is, the user will need to bet during this period the equivalent of 10 times the received bonus and only on games with a quote of at least 1.90.

Parimatch Basketball betting app

How to download and install the Parimatch basketball betting app

Parimatch apk has convenient and multifunctional navigation. The Parimatch app is a huge reward for its fans as they can access everything they need from this bookmaker on their mobile.

Parimatch has developed a separate and dedicated application for Android. If you use the Parimatch app, you will have access to almost all the services offered on the regular website. In the app, you can bet on basketball, play live casino games, and even try your luck at the many jackpots available. The Parimatch mobile app contains amazing features that will come in handy for players who want to conveniently download Parimatch from anywhere in the world. If you are a fan of basketball, football, cricket or any other sport, you will definitely find the sports match you are looking for on the Parimatch app. Some of the interesting features include

Live broadcast Parimatch

You can follow all the latest sports matches and tournaments in real time. Get live streaming of basketball. Not all sporting events are available live. However, there are plenty of sports out there that you can bet on using the mobile app.

Live match statistics

You can keep up to date with the real-time analysis and statistics of the game in the Parimatch app. So you can easily follow the progress of the match and bet if you want using the Parimatch free app!

About Parimatch mobile

Parimatch is one of the most trusted names in the online gaming world that is entering the Brazilian market. With a large number of daily sporting events, this is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players. The website and app are user-friendly and easy to navigate, so even beginners can easily play.


What is the NBA?

The NBA is the top basketball league in North America in 2022. The competition is attended by 30 teams from different states of the United States, as well as a franchise from Canada, the Toronto Raptors. Teams play in a turn-by-turn system, with a total of approximately 80 matches for each team. At the end of the regular season, the top teams from each conference advance to the playoffs. The winner of each of the conferences goes to the grand final, where the champion receives the title. The rules of basketball throughout the championship are the same as in other international competitions.

Are statistics so important or can you rely on intuition when placing a bet?

Certainly important. It is impossible not to take into account the composition of the teams. Injuries, suspensions or possible problems between athletes can exacerbate the situation, reducing the chances of teams winning the upcoming match. Analyze this information to form your opinion on NBA betting.

Where to watch NBA?

NBA games can be watched on websites that offer live coverage of the championship. Some bookmakers such as Parimatch offer the visitor the opportunity to watch the match in real time. In some cases, it is also possible to watch NBA games with apps that offer descriptive streaming. This means that the match data is a transcript of the match, not a video system. Each option has its own advantages, it is up to you to decide which one is best for your purpose.

Should I buy paid NBA predictions?

Yes, this is a good way to invest in your bigger winnings. By buying paid tips, you increase the likelihood that the bet will be won. Experts have the special knowledge and experience that allows them to make successful predictions so it’s not a waste of money anyway.